A Matter of Art


Creation studio

Atelier d'impression

Printing workshop

Usine de tissage

Weaving mill

The silk printing technique used in our workshop is inspired by the manual stenciling method. It is also called “frame printing” or “à la lyonnaise”.
It is one stage of the long chain of the silk trades: the colouring of the carré. On a piece of white woven silk stretched on long tables, the crafstman applies successive colours through the frames and gradually reveals the creation.
The “Jacquard” weaving technique is still used to make silk fabrics for haute couture and for the creation of ties and scarves.

Today, we combine the traditional techniques with the new generations of high-definition digital printing.
It necessitates a perfect mastery of each stage to follow the pattern and to comply with the colour palette: the craftsman is required an extreme care, a trained eye and a steady hand. In the case of pieces made of silk velvet, a brush is used to apply the colour on the velvet shaped with reliefs. Whatever the technique we use, each piece coming out of our workshop is truly unique.

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