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E. Chillida - G. Braque pour Maeght

E. Chillida – G. Braque for Maeght

‘‘Nymphéas Matin’’ - C. Monet

‘‘Nymphéas Matin’’ – C. Monet

Succession Picasso ‘‘Nature morte au guéridon’’

Succession Picasso ‘‘Nature morte au guéridon’’


The Brochier Soieries collection has a wealth of more than 100 000 textile designs that are representative of all periods and of classical, modern or contemporary painting: impressionists, cubists, abstract art, Pop Art, Street Art… or created by our studio. Among them, more than a thousand are currently exploited.

While flipping through the pages of a catalogue which is unique in the world, where Dufy is side by side with Monet, where Van Gogh and Picasso converse with Frida Kahlo and Cocteau with Combas and Basquiat, one can only dream to take up a small part of their genius by choosing one of their creations transposed on natural silk. Along with their works stand the creations of our own studio which has welcomed the greatest textile designers.
Scarves, carrés, shawls, ties, pocket handkerchieves … : all the items are weaved and printed in our workshops, from exclusive patterns that are achieved by our studio or by world-famous artists.

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